Interview With A Professional Trader

Tell us about yourself and your career. first I introduce myself. . . My name is Pedro Rodriguez (known as RobotFX Internt forums), I have middle-aged, I am engineer by profession and I have a master a MBA. Part of my professional life developed in a Japanese multinational first-class dedicated to the Computer and Communications. Then I started my own business to the world dedicated posterior Multimedia and I was director of a department in a company Internet Marketing and Media. In the last six years I have been “full time” to study the development of strategies by Forex and FX a-like Attila or RobotFX-A activity currently takes me 10 to 12 hours each day.

2) Since when you’re in the business of Forex. Initially I made my first steps on the stock market 10 years ago and in particular my attention by the Forex is about 8 years ago. 3) How to get to know the Forex Robots? After a couple of years studying charting, fundamental analysis and technical analysis coinciding with the development of my first Forex strategies, I realized that I could automate the process because it had the necessary programming skills. One way or another had worked all my life around and had participated in Informatics development of complex software projects. Initially, some indicators do then move on to more complex developments which have already included some Artificial Intelligence by providing the means for opening and closing orders as well as money management systems.