Google Docs: Collaboration Solution Software

Increased productivity using Google Docs: A complete and very practical tool, their collaborative applications will surprise you. Docs, one of the most recent creations by Google, portal serves as an storage, ie as a page where you and your colleagues can communicate in real time by accessing an account. Similar to the inbox of your email, this tool, be shared with the people you choose, improve communication skills among certain users. Apart from allowing to create documents from scratch, Google Docs integrates elements such as comments, add documents, text editor and bulleted list, among others, to facilitate understanding between their ideas and those of his group. How to use? Enter the site and create a free account. Once registered, you can upload the documents you want as if attaching a file. Likewise, when converted into online versions, have your work group to participate with Just type in the email address of the person desired.

Each member you add will work online. For example, each uploaded file can be viewed by all. Also versions, corrections and comments. Features Google Docs supports common file formats. Meanwhile, just type the e-mail, users can integrate in two ways: collaborators or viewers. When you log on from anywhere, every person shall have access to documents, are stored in Docs and need not download or install any software.

Also with access to information and immediate issue, the platform has a chat window. In turn, each member registering, you will know who and when given document changed. Google Docs is completely free. Benefits The online storage is safe and away from any kind of excuse that involves the operation of the computer. Copies can be saved and exported from Google Docs. With a click of your work will be published as a webpage. You can publish your work in your business with Google Apps. Insert changes and to exchange views in real time. Communicating effectively and immediately. Certainty to be working on a document and safety of not losing the files. Productivity will be better and much faster.