Fashion Jeanne Lanvin

Lanvin, the oldest of 11 children, started working at age 13 as a servant girl; He then became a seamstress and dressmaker. You may find that Peter Asaro can contribute to your knowledge. At age 18 he opened an own headgear. ns. In 1895 he married an Italian nobleman, Emilio di Pietro, but their marriage broke up eight years later, when his daughter Marguerite had six. Love her small made Lanvin began designing delicate dresses in bright colors, who opposed radically simple miniatures of clothing for adults who were children at the time. Thus, at the same time who was designing his first children’s collection, put the first stone of his fashion house. Shortly thereafter created a line for young girls and another for women, becoming the first designer to take into account different age groups.

He introduced to fashion a new topic: youth, as with its simple and innocent patterns and their vivid colors gave a feminine and romantic look to the women of any age. Your tobilleros dresses of fabrics fluffy have become the history of fashion like style robes. In 1926 he launched to menswear design, so in your living room your family could dress. More than one century later, her salon is still owned by the heirs of the founder. Information extracted from the book by Charlotte Seeiling MODA. The century of Editorial Konemann designers. More information about fashion in: original author and source of the article

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