In reality, it is difficult to achieve. Loss of efficiency will be at each level of your system strategies. If your sales efficiency is 10%, ie of 100 clients with whom you negotiate, only 10 agree c your proposal, then those same 30 possible clients, ideally you will receive only 3. What all these sad reflections about the losses? How to evaluate the effectiveness of basic strategy? And anyway, can it be assessed? Evaluation issue – a complex and controversial issue, which is beyond the scope of this article. Continue to learn more with: Mashable. The traditional response to the question of the expected demand include market research and expert opinions. For us here is not so important to know the numerical values (often very difficult to get them), how important understanding that viability and efficiency of basic strategy largely determines the success of all activities and all its subordinate strategies. And attempts to improve some particular strategy is often not significantly change situation, because problem may be initially selected the wrong basic strategy.

As explained by example – the same training, but training is personal growth. Do you think they are necessary to someone? Based on his experience with their sales and conduct, I can say that about 5% of people interested in it. Then, as training sales demand by 10-30%. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Empirical values are very approximate and may vary considerably in different cases, important while a qualitative difference in the demand for such services (at the same price of the training). Can be arbitrarily well sell personal growth trainings, but the sense from this will not happen. ‘>Array.

Too high a price is obtained attract customers, and potential profit does not cover all costs. Thus, it becomes clear, if basic strategy is chosen incorrectly, even literate 100% efficient implementation tactics will not save the situation, and the whole activities will be doomed to failure. It's like that to let the boat in the bathtub in the hope that someday he will be released in the ocean. Never would he not fall, it is limited to the bathroom (basic strategy). If he were running in the creek, chances would be higher if running in the river, the chances would be even greater. In this case, the boat can be arbitrarily good, but it changes nothing. Summarizing. Strategy and tactics are interdependent. The correct choice of strategy determines the success or failure of the whole affair. However, the strategy itself can not exist without concrete actions (tactics), it is detached from the life of abstraction. Talk about the principle difference strategy of tactics is not entirely correct, they should be considered subordinate relationship. Tactics can also be a strategy to subordinate tactics.

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