Conleys Mens Collection

CONLEY S – THE FASHION ONLINE STORE is divided into eight man collection from autumn/winter 2011 completely new from two major groups of MEN and BOY sections the styles are casual, sovereign, style, individually, timeless, conventionally, uncomplicated, unconventional, wicked, extremely, aloof, loud, crazy and carefree – the whole top news and shown in complete outfits. Sven Hansen, Managing Director of Conley’s: We change everything. The look of the current picture of the man and his understanding of fashion move constantly. Became interested in fashion, and to ensure that its styling is male and is today simply. Conley’s stands for outfits, the mix of brands and an unconventional styling. With us, each type of men finds himself. We went more in depth and have given more facets to our understanding of the man.

This is reflected in the styling and the imagery.” MEN who in his mind tags such as time off, city worker, pure statement, Rough Boys, and Classic rockers finds is right here. Time off here speak we the young and mobile, but also the more conventional types of. Casual clothing – which is sporty, young, energetic, and cool, casual and yet attracted. It may be quiet something striking. However, we insist on stylish label presentation. City worker of the city worker carries his business clothing in sovereign, stylish and confident manner. He is steadfast, like elegant and of course male shows up.

Jackets and suits are times stylish, even casual and easy. Pure statement of basic articles are fashionable, freshly styled and yet timeless. The combination makes it. Individually and quiet, uncomplicated, but deliberately selected, reticent and still dominant – just precisely placed on the point. Rough Boys is just right for the gritty, wild and loving for the right”man. It revolves around travel and outdoor activities. The fashion is rough and adventurous, felt so rather incidental. Classic Rocker for the rebels among us! The classic rocker type is unbound and free-thinking, has a distinctive style – masculine and meaty, a bit wicked and wild. Rock ‘ n roll is back! and shows can be found with simple T-Shirts to bawdy jeans and leather jacket. arSky Business has plenty of information regarding this issue. BOY identifies with keywords like urban style, going underground and uncompromised urban style which urban style is the current Streetstyle style close and underlines the unique style and character. The clothes are fashionable and absolutely in line with the trend therefore rather variable. With a certain understanding of fashion and combining pleasure, the style is unique. Denims in tubular form and T-Shirts with discreet prints are just much to see. Going underground here roam the fashion pros! The tube is extremely tight, the Cardigans are casual and cut. Think through for all the young, extreme, unapproachable types that mix brand with thrift, their style, and is simply British, cool style! Uncompromised is loud, colorful and totally uncomplicated. For all those who have come quite a bit in the year,. lost but not a piece of their carefree coolness. We think of graphic designers, skaters and surfers who let it RIP colour and in samples and easy mix of materials. The collection shows catalogue 2011 for the first time in the fall/winter, which appears in the July, 2011. are available for those who can wait, selected collection items starting from the beginning of July in the online shop. With the new Conley’s men collection is guaranteed well through the winter!

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