Business Innovation

Normally, to learn how to innovate your business we must follow a plan and define goals. The innovation process should be permanent, and it is based on a methodology for new generations of knowledge, as the exploitation of the opportunities for innovation, its protection and development.Systemic innovation process analysis is our starting point, and namely, we can define seven elements that applied to our business will increase the ability to innovate. Let us take note: 1. the culture of innovation. Every business that defends the culture of innovation be favored vera by a generational virtuous circle and motivate innovative any member or team from company behaviour.The company must be able to sustain this culture at the time, so to increase the credibility and reliability of all. In addition, you must always underpinned in people, who are able to convey motivation, enthusiasm, and permanent willingness to generate new projects.

2. The team. Any activity or innovative project You must have a team or persons responsible, being backed by senior management; and they are able to act as leaders by mobilizing people, planning processes and establishing goals. 3. Use support tools.A company in permanent innovation should ensure the tools, procedures and instruments to generate knowledge and identify opportunities: sessions in which promotes teamwork, modules or groups of work, creativity, proposals for improvement, among others. In addition, interpersonal relationships where the communication is fluid constitute a good tool support because they increase the capacity for innovation and productivity. 4. The environment.

We put attention on signals from the environment. To learn how to innovate your business we must internalize the customer’s needs. Therefore, the formula more reliable to ensure the success of the innovation is paying attention to signals from the environment. The innovation process cannot be apart from the external context of the company, so that it cannot systematize any innovative process that does not consider as a priority, to the market itself. 5 We incentivemos talent. An appropriate incentives package favors the existence of an innovative environment; this as part of a motivation to the entrepreneur working group. 6. Monitoring and impact evaluation routines. Entire process of innovation must be accompanied by the establishment of a few routines for monitoring, impact analysis, training, and evaluation of the contribution value sessions. 7. Horizontal structures. Organizational pyramids tend to complicate the methodology, transmission of ideas and generation of circles of innovation.In any case, senior management should always set control mechanisms and evaluation tools to determine which projects of innovation have an added value, so that deserving of an investment and allocation of human and technical resources are made. visit: original author and source of the article