Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH

QSS developed for production control and management reporting In the year 2008 the Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, headquartered in Giebelstadt, new management decided to expand the quality management system, and Achim brought ankle as Director for quality management. To his ideas about the quality assurance for the production of highly individual boats and yachts of the company to implement, he sought a mobile, electronic testing system allows quick evaluations. He found the solution with the product e-QSS von Neumann and Neumann, he developed together with the developers of the provider. The decision of the new Executive Board, to develop the quality management system of Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, a new head for the quality management system on board brought ankle in mid-2008 with Achim. Together with his initial small team he developed in the same year clear ideas, quality assurance for the production of highly individual boats and yachts of the company should look like: A Mobile, electronic test system should allow inspections and quick evaluations at various stages of production on the spot. The solution for the idea was found with the product e-QSS von Neumann & Neumann. Single offer on the market is sustainable practice-tested, easy to use and mobile can be used and provides timely reports without manual data transfer.

The database already includes, and the access to the data and the analysis easily via a WebPortal, explains Achim ankle. Within a year were all key figures for the introduction of e-QSS clarified and the contract closed, the solution step by step introduced in the course of the following year with the necessary adaptations and extensions. After a course relatively flat held”test run was the introduction of e-QSS during operation a real master task: playing an update of the QA solution, for example, had to wait for each newly began production of a ship. Adaptation and The use of e-QSS, Oswald Neumann, Managing Director of Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH, explains the QSS has developed a whole new field of application for e-QSS for quality assurance in production is customization and distributes.